MODEL-4500 Stationary Transverse (ST) In-Plant
EMI Pipe Inspection System

The Advanced MODEL-4500 EMI Pipe Inspection System provides high speed detection for THREE (3) independent defect groups in NEW or USED Oil Field Drill Pipe, Tubing and Casing.

MODEL-4500 systems include an ADVANCED system design.


KEY Features

  • 100% computer controlled.  No knobs to turn - ever !
  • Superior defect repeatability.
  • Transverse Flaw Detection using induction search coils.
  • Localized wall loss feature implements non-contact solid state Hall sensors. Non contact design provides a Lower Total Cost of Ownership by eliminating wear and tear !
  • Fast inspection speed - up to 140 FPM.
  • Engineered to be rugged, extremely easy to use and maintain.
  • API tubular products up to 13-3/8" O.D. can be inspected (model dependent). Specify size range when ordering.
  • More than 100% circumferential coverage for suspected Transverse Flaws.
  • 360 Degree coverage for Localized Wall Loss (pitting, erosion and corrosion) and Thick-Thin Wall Monitoring feature, cross sectional area monitor.
  • Solid State Meter (S.S.M.) Technology derived from our ARTIS series of products.  The digital meters never need calibration !
  • Computer Controlled Demagnetizing System.
  • Optional loading / unloading functions.
  • Optional defect paint marking system.
  • . . . and much more !


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